Simple solution for transporting, storing, or drying your products horizontally.

The mobile drying rack is designed for drying planks, furniture parts, doors, frames, and profiles with a length of at least 1500 mm. The heavy version has thicker beams and an additional support bar so it can be loaded up to 400 kg.

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Loading capacity: 400 kg
Height: 1950 mm
Width: 1500 mm
Depth: 750 mm
Loading depth: 670 mm
Number of levels: 14
Level height: 90 mm

– 4 solid plastic castor wheels
– 2 fixed racks
– PVC coated beams to prevent damage and corrosion
– 2K coating

In case of shorter materials, or materials that require more support, the Trivec mobile drying racks can be equipped with one or more movable racks to create a shorter span.
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